Tania, New York

The power of prayer is real with all the prayers sent to heaven.

Nehemie, Florida

This prayer ministry has definitely been a blessing to me!

Kendra, Connecticut

Thank you for all the support of the prayer line! I think the first or second time I dialed in you prayed

Cynthia, Indiana

I have really been blessed since I have been with this prayer Ministry.

Michelle, New York

I just want to say I’m so grateful and thankful for this prayer line. It has made me feel so loved, and closer to God.

Tiffany (and Carter), Maryland

I’ve been a member of the Let’s Talk with God Family for about 4 years. I am more than blessed. I look back over my


LTWG has made a big impact in my life. I consider the prayer leader and women on the line as my spiritual friends and sisters.


I feel so blessed to have a prayer line that can pray with me for a need I have been dealing with for a long

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Yvette, South Carolina

I am truly blessed by Let’s Talk with God ministries. I have been calling since 2016 and the Lord is doing a great work, I

Michelle R., North Carolina

I have been a part of Let's Talk with God ministry since 2016. I was going through a divorce and came across the ministry on

Wendy, New Jersey

My testimony of Let’s Talk with God has been a big one. Without them I will be lost on my times of trouble I would

Monica, California

Praise God for this loving, prayer ministry. My cousin was given less than 20% chance of surviving cancer. These faithful women of God told me

Narkeylia, Alabama

God has brought me a long way! I came across this ministry on Instapray and from then on I’ve been attached. I was in college

Jha Nay, South Carolina

God has been doing amazing things in my life! I’m being delivered & dying from my flesh. It feels so good! My relationship with Jesus

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