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Are you interested in growing in the word of God? Do you have a longing for a better prayer life? Has it been difficult to fit regular Bible Study in your schedule? If your answer is "yes”, join us for an online study and discussion for 2021: "The Year of Manifestation!" (Romans 8:18-19)

Empowering the Spiritual Soul

Who Is It For?

The study and discussions are for teenage girls, mothers, and women all over the world who are intentional about having a spiritual discussion, being transparent and have the heart to follow God. Women from around the world study the same Bible passage, listen to the same teaching, and apply the same transformational truth, each from her own home.

How Does It Work?

Every 4th Friday during midnight prayer (12:00 am EST), you will receive teaching from God to grow in faith--challenging you to become closer to Him and live an "undefeated life." The message can be listened to from your computer, iPad, or cell phone. Throughout the week, at your convenience,  LOG IN to the discussions board and share insight and scripture with other women (Note: If you are unable to join in at midnight, you may request a copy of the teaching).

How Do I Sign-up?

Before signing up, please pray to see if this group is for you. If so, simply click the below and follow the easy online instructions. Shortly after, you will receive the link to the last midnight prayer teaching to listen to. After listening and hearing with God is saying to you, JOIN THE DISCUSSION. Do you need a copy of the teaching? CLICK HERE!

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