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We are a Faith-Based Prayer Group focused on providing teenage and young adult girls all around the world a place online to be strengthened  and encouraged  through devotion and prayer.  There is so much facing girls  (peer pressure, low self esteem, rejection, lonely).  We want them to know they don't have to hold it in or turn to negative influences in this world--they can "talk with God".  Even if they've succumbed to negative influences, they can still talk with God." He can heal any broken heart.

LETS TALKWITHGOD is a website dedicated to providing  hope through prayer.



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#3 MrsGinger 2015-10-26 23:52
I love the prayer line. Bless you!
#2 ministryCassandra Campbell 2014-05-23 05:14
I am so proud of what God is creating in his people. Do you do any kind of workshops or conferences? If so please email more information. How can I help and get my church involved?
#1 RE: About UsKarmen A. Booker 2013-12-13 04:49
I commend you on your powerful ministry of providing hope and encouragement to female teenagers and young adults. I will share this site with my daughter who is 17 years old and in Cosmetology School.

Keep up the good work. Also visit my Ministry site -

God bless you!!!

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